There are three options for students wanting to take online courses:

During a Student's 6-period School Day

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As part of an Everett School District student's 6-period day, students can take one to five online classes as part of their high school schedule.

These students would be on-campus for their high school classes and home for their online classes.

To sign-up for classes during the student's six-period day, students need to contact their school counselor. Links for Everett Public School Counseling contacts below:

In-Addition to a Student's 6-Period Day


Students can catch-up and retrieve credit or get ahead and earn credits faster by taking OnlineHS courses IN-ADDITION to their 6-Period School Day.

Students need to register online and pay tuition ($200) for each 0.5 credit course. Students outside the Everett School District pay $300 per 0.5 credit course.

Registration occurs during the two-weeks at the start of each term and run concurrently with the Everett School District Semester schedule.

Full-time OnlineHS Students

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Students can become a full-time OnlineHS student by registering at Sequoia High School, completing a registration packet and attending a family interview to review an individual learning plan. Students outside Everett School District are required to have a variance.

Students must have successfully passed an online class previously to be a full-time student.

For those interested in becoming an OnlineHS full-time student, contact our OnlineHS Registrar Pat Jones for a packet and information.

Phone: 425.385.5100
Click to Download Registration Packet- zipped